Home release

The title track HOME, the warming center piece of the album, already gives away the exciting alliance of Christoph Müller's songwriting debut and the enchanting crystal clear voice of Rebecca Lovell, singer in US folk rock band Larkin Poe who meet there in soothing unison. Grab their hands they offer you and allow to be caught by the rush before the big trip. The bags are being packed.
Christoph Müller picks the listener up to take him on a journey, from whatever distant place on this planet.

By the time the little village Sassetta shows its brick red roof tops between the rolling hills of Tuscany one realizes that one arrived at the destination of the journey: the journey. From the warm summer thunderstorm there is nothing left but a distant rumble and the mind wanders on. Georgia…seems quite far away, doesn't it? But Rebecca Lovell's touching voice is your travel companion now. The dark-haired Larking Poe twin from Atlanta gave her voice for three of the numbers on Christoph’s composed Lonely Planet – Georgia on my Mindmakes you taste the salty air of the national seashore while cruising down the Interstate 16 to the sound of cool licks from the speakers.
A dreamlike, almost surreal walk through Luna Parc leads you to an old spiritual aboriginal site. Jaunty guitar runs and Bernhard Pricha's vibrant cajon set the pebbles in motion and they click and clack and clink and clank and sound like the heels of an elegant lady on the pavement, strolling the narrow alleyways of Montmartre in the light of the twilight hour that lets the shadows of the houses grow longer and longer.
It's getting late at the ResoBar – Lilac Winefrom the jukebox reminds you that it's time to go home. For the last drink you get up from the barstool and you raise a final tumbler with Tom Waits. It's quite a way home through the puzzling parallel world of a metropolis waking up and even the busyness of the small hours can't eclipse the wondrous last night.
The last song fades in and you find yourself at home again, in all too familiar surroundings. The suitcase stays in the corridor, unpacked, laundry will be done tomorrow, and while daydreaming in the cushions you hear Georgia on my Mindagain, very low and hushed, somewhere in your head and in this very moment it's like being back on the road again…
HOME is Christoph's first solo album but it's not his first time being heard on a sound recording. After successfully graduating from his studies under Peter O’Mara at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, he started his first solo programme with percussionist Bernhard Pricha. His gift to use his instrument to tell whole stories has already led him to a successful and steady collaboration with composer and violinist Martina Eisenreich and to many international film, television and theatrical productions. Christoph Müller has toured the European stages in the Martina Eisenreich Quartet for several hundreds of concerts, getting inspiration and creating new music when playing live with the ensemble.